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Colorado is at the forefront of solar energy innovation

The state of solar in Colorado

Solar power is a feasible option for Colorado residents and businesses. The state receives an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, making it an ideal location for solar panels. Additionally, Colorado’s solar incentives and policies, such as the Solar Rewards program and property tax exemptions, make it more affordable for people to install solar panels in their homes and businesses.

In fact, around 86% of buildings in Colorado are considered “solar-viable,” meaning they have the potential to generate electricity from solar panels. Overall, solar energy is a feasible and cost-effective option in Colorado, with strong government support and financial incentives available to encourage adoption.

The Rising Trend of Solar Energy production in Colorado

Colorado is truly a leader in the solar energy industry. With 2,309 MW of installed solar power capacity, the state ranks an impressive 13th in the nation for total installed solar capacity as per SEIA. This is a testament to the state’s commitment to clean and renewable energy. And the trend is only continuing to rise; in 2021 alone, Colorado ranked 12th in the nation for newly installed solar capacity, showcasing the state’s growth potential in the solar industry.

Not only is Colorado making great strides in terms of installed capacity, but it’s also making a significant impact on the state’s overall electricity production. An impressive 6.2% of the state’s total electricity production comes from solar energy, proving that solar is a reliable and viable source of energy for the state.

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What are the advantages of going solar in Colorado?

Installing solar panels in Colorado offers you the opportunity to take advantage of various state and federal incentives, which can further increase your savings and reduce the overall cost of the system. Additionally, by using clean and renewable energy, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future for Colorado and the planet.

  • Reduction in carbon footprint (Colorado is 3rd contributor to air pollution)
  • Immediate drop of up to 80% in electricity bills
  • Get rid of rocketing utility costs
  • Huge Return on Investment (ROI) for a solar system in Colorado
  • Pull down upfront costs with a Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30%
  • Feedback on your utility with excessive power generated from solar & earn by Net-Metering
  • Boost your Colorado property value by up to $20,000
  • Protection against potential future electricity rate increases
  • Protection against Utility downtime

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What’s the optimal way to go solar in Colorado?

Are you ready to harness the power of the sun and take control of your energy costs in Colorado?

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