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The state of solar in Arizona

Arizona is an ideal state for harnessing solar power due to its high number of sunny days and favourable clean energy laws. The state has the potential to generate thousands of MWh of AC power per year, and with the help of SOLAR DIVISION, residents and businesses can take advantage of this potential to power their homes and operations.

Investing in solar power not only helps to protect the environmet but also offers long-term financial benefits. According to data from Google Project Sunroof, Arizona has a significant potential of 2.6 billion square feet of solar-viable roof space, with the potential to generate over 59 million MWh of energy per year.

The Rising Trend of Solar Energy production in Arizona

Arizona is ranking 5th among the top 10 solar states. With over 5200 MW of solar panel installations, it currently has the capacity to power nearly one million homes. The solar industry in Arizona is a significant contributor to the state’s energy production, accounting for around 11% of the total energy generated.

The state has invested billions of dollars to expand production capacity and to meet ambitious goals of making the state’s energy industry 100% renewable by 2050, aligning with the state’s renewable portfolio standard.

Arizona’s commitment to solar power is evident in its efforts to increase the use of renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The state also has a strong policy framework in place to support the growth of the solar industry, including a Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) and the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Renewable Energy Standard.

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What are the advantages of going solar in Arizona?

Join the solar revolution in Arizona and reap the financial benefits of thousands of dollars in savings for years to come. Here are some other perks of investing in solar energy in Arizona.

  • Solar is the best solution to get the maximum benefit from Arizona’s extreme heat
  • Take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30% to lower upfront costs
  • Earn money by feeding excess power back to the grid with Net-Metering
  • ROI on solar is expected to be 7.1-8.7 years
  • Get rid of home energy bills of almost $130/month
  • Increase your property value by up to 4-6%
  • Never worry about utility downtime again
  • Cut your electricity bills by up to 80% with immediate savings
  • Enjoy long-term savings of $20,000-$30,000 over 25 years
  • Insulate yourself against potential future electricity rate increases

Join the renewable energy revolution in Arizona and switch to solar today. With the abundance of sun-full days in Arizona, Solar Division can be the right choice for Arizonians.

What’s the optimal way to go solar in Arizona?

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With our network of highly experienced installation partners in Arizona, you can trust that your new solar system will be optimized for your specific location and meet all state regulations.

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